Name:  Mama Tejana
Age:  Thirtysomething   Dude, I’m FORTY!
Occupation: Depends on the day, but professionally I am a stay at home mother.

What I really like to do:  Exercise my soap box skills, volunteer, run after my children, sew, knit, sing, dance, EAT, sleep in, hang out, run, watch the Real Housewives franchise shows (you know you do too!)

Random bits of info that may or may not come in handy:

Sewing Machine I Use — Singer 6212C “The Debutante”  (you read that right) So in the last six years, I’ve kind of developed a bit of a collection problem. I have five sewing machines and serger now. I primarily use a Husqvarna-Viking Opal 650. It’s very user friendly and quite robust. However, I’ve taken to collecting vintage machines and now also have a 1935 Singer Featherweight 221 and a Janome for New Home 1969 Model 702. She’s a beast in mint green and I love her!

Knitting Stuff — I do my best to utilize my local yarn stores so if you ever happen to be in the area, are a knitter, crocheter, or maybe have some yarn fetish, send me an e-mail and I’ll point you in the right direction for some good shops.

Cooking — People, if you want to learn to cook, there is no better teacher than experience, but if you want to cook well, you need to have some good tools. Invest in your knives. Invest in a solid couple pieces of cookware. Now get your butt in the kitchen!

Finding Books — The library. You got one in your town? Use it! Your taxes go to pay for all those beautiful, exciting books. If you have to buy books, use your local independent bookstores. Don’t have one? Start one! Don’t want to start one? Well, OK. Then you can help Portland out and order from Powell’s Books.

Gardening — You.can.grow.food.  No seriously, you can. If you have at least a 12″x 12″ bit of space with at least several hours of sunshine, you can grow something edible. You need a nice sized pot or plastic bucket with some holes in it. Some potting soil. Some seeds. Some water. Some time. Before you know it, you might be enjoying your very own peppers or tomatoes. Don’t like peppers or tomatoes? Well grow something you do like, silly! 2018 UPDATE: All of this is still true, but I haven’t grown much of anything in a very long time. Mostly weeds. Occasionally some herbs.

Music — Um, well I’m not very up on music suggestions. In the last car ride home from the library with Los Ninos, I was listening to the Roots sing “Lovely, Love my Family”. It’s a great song by a cool band, but that’s kind of where my knowledge ends.  Yeah…moving on.

Politics — I am a common sense Liberal. What does that mean? I have no idea, but after having lived under the Bush administration, both at the state and national levels, I suggest that the American people NEVER elect another governor from Texas again.


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