Brothers and Sisters

When I got pregnant with Ben, I knew for sure that I didn’t want my son to be an only child. I have a very close relationship with my sister and I treasure it.  My husband is very close to his two siblings.   When Ben just a few months over two years old, I found out I was pregnant again. Thirty-five weeks later, enter Molly.

Now that Molly, at 14 months, walks and “talks” she has become much more interesting to Ben.  She loves to wrestle with him, tackle him, snuggle and rough house. She’s my fearless pup and her brother is her gentle protector.  Now all this isn’t to say that they don’t squabble. For every giggle there is a shout of “No Molly!” There are shouts of protest for being handled to roughly or being “hugged” a little too much like Stone Cold Steve Austin might “hug” his opponent in the ring.

My favorite part of sitting back and watching these ninos play is just listening to how Ben explains things to Molly. He takes care and lovingly tells her stories that he’s made up. In includes her in is pretend play (Molly is almost always the scary dragon or “sticky monster”).

Ben’s love for Molly is undeniable. At school, when I pick him up in the afternoon, I will generally hear him tell his friends, “I have to go. Got to go pick up my baby!”  His baby indeed!

I pray that Molly and Ben will grow to be each others confidants. I hope they will develop a bond that will always mean that no matter what happens in this world they have each other. And I know that whatever screams, tussles, tears, and giggles the day brings, there are no other children in this world to top these two.


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